"I'm a: Systems Architect, Protocol Designer, Software Engineer, I.T. Technician, Administrator, Innovator, and a Nerd."

- Kieron Morris


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Simcity 4 Launcher is an application I designed and engineered back in 2013. Aimed at enhancing the compatibility of the popular game SimCity 4 with modern systems, it now enjoys daily use worldwide. The tool started with basic functionality allowing the user to control various settings that were not available once in game, and from there it has grown to include auto-save functionality and a mod manager.

Asuro is a hobbyist Operating System written from the ground up in a mix of i386 and Freepascal, due to the nature of Freepascal, the OS is easily portable to other architectures with trivial code modification. The project aims to create a secure-by-design, highly configurable OS with as little operating overhead as possible.

Lexidox is a packet analysis tool. Written in 2014 and developed since, the tool uses heuristic analysis to define packet structure and extract its contents. Lexidox was designed from the ground up with the ability to be scaled over many machines, allowing for mass, collaborative data analysis. Lexidox supports many protocols as standard, but due to its design, simple signatures can be added to extend the functionality further.

Caged is a tool that is currently still under development. Designed to assist in the medication, feeding and day-to-day maintenance of pets, the tool features a flat UI design and is built with touch-screen devices in mind. Market research has helped drive the development of the main features of Caged and the resulting software should be applicable to a wide audiance.

6502-Emu is a development undertaken in my free time as something of a learning excersise. The resulting software is an Emulation of a 6502 machine (or more specifically a BBC Micro B). I started this project for fun, in order to expand my understanding of low-level computing and how it became what it is today.

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